A mortgage capacity report is a document that assesses an individual’s ability to repay a mortgage loan, this is generally required as part of a divorce. It typically includes information about the borrower’s income, expenses, debts, and credit history, as well as an analysis of the borrower’s ability to make monthly payments based on the current interest rates.

Our Mortgage Capacity reports have helped hundreds of clients understand what they can afford following divorce. The Divorce capacity letters allow clients to prove their mortgage capacity as part of any financial disclosure during court proceedings.

We will discuss your personal circumstances, finances, and future plans before compiling a detailed report about your future affordability.

The Mortgage Capacity reports are generally three or four-page documents. We can provide multiple variables if required and, we will also provide a list of maximum lends with up to 20 lenders affordability outputs if required.

Please note, as the reports are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or, covered under the Financial Ombudsman Service, they are not completed by The Mortgage Company Oxfordshire Ltd as a company. They are completed by Laura Lamb and Julie French as individuals.

Mortgage Capacity Report – Single

This report is suitable for most clients, it will cover the following:

  • An overview of your current situation and the planned situation
  • An overview of your personal finances
  • Details of the maximum mortgage amount and the basis on which that figure has been arrived at.
  • Monthly payments and affordability.
  • The potential for the report to cover a few variables depending on the likely outcome of the court hearing.
  • An expert opinion for the court which is an unbiased and true representation of the situation.
    The report is sent to yourself or your solicitor for review and two amendments (within 7 days of the original letter) are covered within the quoted price.
  • Our advisers are fully qualified mortgage advisers all with over 15 years mortgage experience.
  • If you are looking to purchase a property following divorce, we will discuss your circumstances and guide you on your options going forward.
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Mortgage Capacity – Single confirmation of No mortgage Affordability

Where it is clear from the outset that you have no capacity for borrowing e.g. not employed, recently self-employed, adverse credit history etc, we offer a reduced report at a lower cost.

The report will include confirmation of why you are unable to currently borrow e.g. lender policy. It cannot include variables.

Where you are looking for confirmation of your current and future situation e.g. currently unemployed but looking for a job at £20k per year, the full capacity report is required.

The cost of the Mortgage Capacity reports will be bespoke to your situation but generally, a single report with one additional variable would be £350 and, a single report confirming no affordability would be £175.

Mortgage Capacity Reports do not constitute regulated advice and therefore may not be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service. PRIMIS Mortgage Network are not responsible for this service

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